Four performances only Sept 7th-9th!

A Lumberjack, A Eunuch and A Pope by James Hutchison
directed by Barbara Mathers
Metaphysical by Jen Bindeman
directed by Sarah Galloway
Tea & Socrates by Sandra Hosking
directed by Laurie Smalis
Mr. Washington Goes to Bed by Kelly Rossi
directed by Nick Rowley
Everything Changes by Lylanne Musselman
directed by Alexander Trice
Presumptuous by Octavia Lesley
directed by Casaundra Freeman
The Shape of Her Curves by Brian Trippel
directed by Laurie Smalis
Where There's a Will, There's a Play by Jacob Zinke
directed by Chuck Goddeeris

Featuring: Marcus Caesar, Brad Carter, Daniel Croft, Dave Durham, Laura Farms, Geulah Finman, Shauna Rae Hazime, Scott Johnston, David Kiley, Beverly Landau, Josh Lisiecki, Mary Long, Stanley Misevich, Julie Norback, Emily Ottaviano, AnnMarie Payne, Tom Schultz, Carol Shirley, Jen Talas, Tony Targan, Don Turner & Jessica Wilson

Thursday, Sept 7th 8pm
Friday, Sept 8th 8pm
Saturday, Sept 9th 2pm
Saturday, Sept 9th 8pm
$15 admission. Tickets are available for purchase at the Online Box Office. To reserve tickets and pay at the door call 313.532.4010 or email rcptickets@gmail.com.

2017-18 Season

It Came From Mars
by Joseph Zettlemaier
Fall 2017
Assisted Living
by Deirdre O’Connor
Winter 2018
Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun
by Norm Foster
Spring 2018

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