A collection of plays written by local playwrights. This is a special benefit fundraiser that kicks off our season with all proceeds going directly to our building fund.

Thought Bubbles by Tony Targan
directed by Laurie Smalis
A thoughtful, comedic new take on the blind date where each personís alter ego speaks their subconscious thoughts aloud. Sometimes the hardest person to listen to is yourself.

Stavros' Chili by Stephen Sussman
directed by Chuck Goddeeris
In this comedy, a former Greek restauranteur has some surprises for an on-air news reporter as he unveils a product he is promoting.

Recoil by Lance Alan
directed by Lance Alan
The Company is one of the most prestigious and successful in the world. But is that enough for 110-year-old founder and CEO Alabaster Stone? Heís been slowly and methodically dismantling The Company by firing his employees one by one. Stocks are up and the rest of the world is following his lead in this absurd look at 21st Century Corporate America.

The Armadillo in the Room by Sarah Willis
directed by Cindi Moll
A father and daughter wade through the emotions of the past that arise during the process of packing the fatherís life into boxes and moving him to assisted living.

Bump by Jen Bindeman
directed by Eric Goldstein
Two strangers meet in a park. One has children and the other does not, and uses the time to explore her feelings about her childless choice.

The Rot by Jacquie Priskorn
directed by Nicole Dallo
The dead have risen and are now wreaking havoc in suburban neighborhoods, knocking over garbage cans and just generally being annoying. On this hot summerís day, Blair and Art want to introduce their families, have a barbeque and announce their engagement. It will not go smoothly. And the zombies arenít entirely to blame.

Featuring: Armand Bandoni, Tim Bond, Lori Champagne, Ashley Croft, Danny Croft, Sarah Galloway, Heather Hudson, Marcus Jackson, Kandi Krumins, Hal Lyons, Pam Mayer, Brendan O'Leary, Krissi Putansu, Larry Rink, Maggie Savage, Tony Targan, Linda Weingarten & Daniel Woitulewicz

Thursday, Sept 10th 8pm
Friday, Sept 11th 8pm
Saturday, Sept 12th 2pm
Saturday, Sept 12th 8pm

Tickets are $10. Purchase tickets now at the Online Box Office. To reserve tickets and pay cash at the door call 313.532.4010 or email rcptickets@gmail.com.

The Rosedale Community Players is a proud member in good standing of CTAM (Community Theatre Association of Michigan) and AACT (American Association of Community Theatre). For more information about CTAM or AACT, click on their logos.