Open audtions for The Booze List of Bucket Club by Maureen Paraventi

It's 2008 Detroit, and a group of friends in their early 50s, who have been friends since they were teenagers in the 1970s gather once a week to try a new kind of booze - unusual spirits like Grappa, or Absinthe, or Slivovitz. It's a bucket list because one of them has cancer; single mother Collette may not have much time left to live out her motto: "try everything once." Her friend Jen, a successful lawyer and the only single one in the group, arranges this trip through the spirits. They're joined by new grandmother, Mary Ann, who's dating a much younger man, and Amy, a member of the "sandwich generation," caring for adult children, child-like husband, and aging parents. Collette's daughter Ree-Ree, also a lawyer in the early stages of her career, joins them as they chat and commiserate, like girlfriends do. They also disagree, argue, and fight, but they're there for each other when things get rough.

Audition dates:

Monday, November 20th 7pm
Tuesday, November 21st 7pm
Show dates:
January 26,27,28 February 2,3,4,9,10 with two on the 10th (2:00PM Matinee and 8:00PM evening show)
Character Descriptions:

JENNIFER: Mid fifties, a stylish and confident woman. Godmother to Ree-Ree. Never married or had kids. Successful lawyer. On the dating scene.
AMY: Mid fifties, warm and maternal. Has a husband and adult kids. She is the primary caregiver of her mother who has Alzheimer's. She is often focused more on helping others than taking care of her own needs.
COLLETTE: Mid fifties, an ironic sense of humor. Ree-ree's mom. Battling ovarian cancer has caused her to lose her adventurous nature. She came up with the idea for the Bucket List.
MARY ANN: Mid fifties, vibrant and humorous. Dating a much younger man (Eric) has caused her to become self-conscious as she grapples with the relentless changes of aging.
REE-REE: Collette's smart and sensible 25-year old daughter. She is going to law school. Goddaughter to Jennifer. Feels she was abandoned by her father (Barry).
BARRY: Collette's ex and Ree-ree's father, mid fifties, aging well. Recently divorced from the woman he married after Collette. Just moved back into town.
ERIC: Mary Ann's boyfriend, 34 years old, enthusiastic and sincere.

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